Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Comf (:

Top: H&M
Cardigan: River Island
Jeans: Topshop
Belt: New Look

So today has been pretty boring. I had college til around 4ish which was pretty poo. But the weather here has been so blimmin cold, i had no choice but to wear my uber warm River Island cardigan today. I got it in the size up as i wanted it to just swamp me. I just adore the rosy colour of it. I usually stick to black, greys and whites. But recently ive been a bit brave with my colours i must say...
My boyfriend came round this evening and we both decided to go and watch Little Fockers in the cinema. Being the douches we are, we looked up the film times for Wednesday instead of Tuesday. I then even text Orange for my orange wednesdays ticket. Luckily enough, the showing times were the same. It a wonder how we actually survive aha.

The film itself was pretty decent considering this was the Third one. Usually a third instalment of a film is kinda crapppy...i mean, Shrek was an amazing film, the second one was even better...but the third one was dreadful in my opinion "/ But i would recommend it. Im still a bit hyped to see 127 hours though (:

So what did you guys get up to this fine Tuesday?

Im thinking, maybe a product review for tomorrow "/ What you guys think?


  1. lovin the outfit and well done puttin all the colours together...check out my blog if you, we can follow each other:) http://fasali-myblogspeakthetruth.blogspot.com/