Sunday, 27 February 2011

Week lookback.

Im going to do this little weekly review every monday, just so you guys can get an little insight to what ive been up to this week, what ive been thinking ect ect.

- This half term has been utter shite. Nothing has been done in terms of coursework. Ive literally taken the mick out of my bed by laying in it way too much and sleeping a ridiculous amount.
- Ive had the mega blogger syndrome this week. I guess you guys can tell.
- I had to have a HUGE needly into my hip last Monday which filled my hip with loads of steroids which has actually made my arthritis amazingly better. I can walk without my crutches now!
- Ive spent £30 on clothes, even though i am supposed to be saving up "/
- Ive worked way too many LITTLE hours! I need more if im going to pay for Cuba!
- Ive couldn't drive home because i was laughing too much when my stepsister threw her burger gherkin out of my car window and it hit a parked car.
- And finally i am uber excited about seeing what everyone wears to the oscars (: Little nerd me.

I think that is pretty much all i can think of right now. Thats my whole week in a nutshell. College on Tuesday. Great. Bloody great.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Lets get this started - Right Now!

I am aware i look frightfully drugged up in this photo "/

Hell everyone, long time no see eh? Well to top this all off, i am sincerely sorry for not posting in donkeys years! Ive made a quickie video to help me explain why and tell you about everything thats up and coming.