Monday, 4 April 2011

yes that is right,  ive dyed my hair RED.
i know a lot of people have been dying their hair red at the moment and ive loved it for ages. but i didnt want to just jump on the band wagon and dye my hair any old red i wanted mine more browny red rather than full on red. so i bought a brown and a red hair dye and mixed them up a bit. bit of a risk considering i didnt even know what i was doing but im really happy with how it turned out (:

nothing has really happened this week. ive been going out with my friends a lot, just having a good time. ive been working a lot and college is keeping me busy with all the catcing up i have to do after all my hospital madness.

i hope all you guys had a really good week, im so excited for the easter holidays coming up next week! have any of you guys got anything planned?

lots of love.

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